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As a highly professional and complete importing brokerage service, SherkatWaisimports and delivers your products reliably and cost-effectively.

Benefits of Using a Professional Import Company

  • Increased sales potential with the ability to offer unique products to your customers.
  • Increased profits by reducing importing risks due to non-adherence to customs regulations.
  • Improved brand reputation with the ability to offer a range of high-quality, unique products.
  • Flexible delivery options by ground, air or sea for your convenience.
  • Full traceability with personalised attention and a client-centric approach

We have built up a global network of trustworthy wholesale suppliers and offeryou quality imported products from China, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Whether you are looking to import specific products or wish to choose from our range, SherkatWais offers you an importing service, which includes;

  • Sourcing products or suppliers
  • Assistance with legal supplier contracts
  • Full shipping and clearing arrangements
  • Identification of and warehousing for product storage
  • Full delivery scheduling and tracking visibility

Reliable and Experienced Importer of High-Quality Products

Our clients rely on us to identify, source and import their high-quality products from China, Turkey, Holland, and Saudi Arabia, in particular.We have highly-skilled representatives, who undergo regular training, and are tasked with visiting major factories overseas to ensure the highest quality standards of all our imported products. We also cater for specific import requirements from our clients on request.

Assistance with Customs Requirements

As a highly-experienced importer, SherkatWais understands the various cultures of its suppliers and can overcome the language barriers of these countries. In addition, since customs regulations differ greatly from country-to-country, SherkatWais expertly assists you to navigate customs and border regulations, as well as to understand customs laws and adhere to any trade restrictions that may be in place.

Assistance with Shipping and Delivery Logistics

We have a team of experts who oversee the logistical arrangements of your import. They personally process all your shipping documents and will secure the required cargo space and insurance, to enable your products to reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Please contact us for a free consultation, quotation or for more information pertaining to our range of imported products from China, Asia, Europe or the Middle East.

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